A selection of testimonials from previous Jolly Bookworm customers:

Dan loved your class and we will most def. be coming back when Amy is ready. I apreciate your personal touch and lovely atmosphere at every session.

Kasia and Daniel

…just wanted to say another massive thank you for everything you’ve done for Eleanor over the last six or so months. As you can tell she’s very confident in her language and I feel that by attending every Friday, she now has a very good understanding of early phonics and even uses the fridge alphabet magnets to spell out words using her phonic train arms.

Lee and Eleanor

Sam is mourning the loss of Jolly Bookworms but has been telling me to take Rachel as soon as she is old enough!

Emma and Sam

Thank you again for being such a fantastic and fun teacher. I always felt like you understood us and never felt uncomfortable even if either of my boys were playing up – haven’t found any other class like that.

Amee and Rishaan

Thank you for a very enjoyable class, Noah will miss coming.

Vicky and Noah

I think she’s really enjoyed bookworms- almost as much as me! It has given her a great base of phonic knowledge. I wish I’d come with my son too. I’ll be sure to continue to recommend to others.

Susy and Esther

He has really loved your classes and I think they have been brilliant for preparing him for school. I’ll recommend you to any Mums that I know!

Rachelle and Ben

Eloisa has absolutely loved coming to phonics and her understanding has developed so much giving her a great start to school in September.

Becca and Eloisa

Thanks again, such a wonderful class and honestly Laila just loved it.

Lena and Laila

We really had a great time and we both loved these Friday afternoons. Thank you very much.

Lucy and Nora

We will really miss your lovely class.

Nicola and Harry

Feels like JB has been an integral part of our week for a very long time. Love your class.

Gemma and Eva

Even the few classes we’ve done have been really useful and helpful – I just wish I’d brought him along sooner. I’ve recommended to friends who have children starting preschool in September.

Lara and Harry

Thanks for such a lovely group, we’ve really enjoyed it and I’ll continue to recommend jolly bookworms to friends.

Abi and Amelie

We are so pleased with how much Ed has progressed both in his confidence and also his listening skills! We love your classes.

Natalie and Edward

We’ve really enjoyed jolly bookworms, thank you for running such a lovely class that both Tom and Eleanor have really enjoyed.

Rachel and Tom and Eleanor

Jolly Bookworms is most definitely the most enjoyable class to attend. You put so much into making the session work – especially the baking! – and it is very different from other classes; believe me, I’ve looked!

James and Freya

It’s been fantastic coming every week and we wanted to thank you so much for everything you do to make each week so great.

Vicky and Zach

we love the session and will miss it over summer. . Being new to St Albans it has been lovely to find such a fun group as well as meet local Mums and kids.

Natalie and Jessica

We have loved it, thank you so much for such a great class.

Nicola and Eleanor

You were the first person/class that welcomed us when we moved to St Albans and we will always remember you for that!!! We love Jolly Bookworms and will be very sad to leave it behind.

Ruth and Gracie

Thank you so much for the fantastic sessions we have been to, and of course all of the delicious cake.

Diane and Lucas

Thank you the lovely classes – Chloe is enjoying them & remembers the sounds.

Emily and Chloe

Thank you for such an interesting class, helping us both understand phonics.

Emily and Addison

Thank you so much for such a wonderful class, Anabel has really enjoyed coming and has learned lots!

Ellie and Anabel

Ethan will really miss Jolly Bookworms he has made good memories and friends from there.

Emma and Ethan

We’ll miss your classes

Jane and Frank

Thank you so much for the lessons, the girls have got a lot from them, as have I. I will definitely be recommending your class to other parents.

Emma and Chloe and Evie

Alexander is so upset that he won’t be coming anymore!

Shanthi and Alexander

Jolly Bookworms has been a very special part of our lives

Helen and Elliott

Your class is absolutely brilliant

Rena and Shaylan

Jolly Bookworms has been a major part of Asha’s – and thus my and Mia’s – life for the past 18 months. She has loved the structure, the stories, the sounds of the week and the activities. In fact it has engaged all members of our family every Friday morning! I believe it has supported Asha’s phonic learning and also her social and learning skills and built her enthusiasm for books and reading. We will all miss it. Thank you for providing such a special part of our week – and providing the delicious cake to make it even more fun!

Steph and Asha

Thank you so much for a fantastic year of phonics!

Lindsey and Harrison

We will never be short of praise for your excellent classes.

James and Ethan

I am sad to say goodbye. You and Jolly Bookworms have been an invaluable part of our lives for the past two years. I really admire and thank you for everything you do to bring fun and educational groups to our children. It is something different to any other group and you made me feel so relaxed and welcome, even with my terrible 2!

Caroline, Toby and Jamie

Arthur got so much out of the sessions and it’s thanks to you that he is super ready to tackle school!

Chantal and Arthur

We’ve all loved coming along to Jolly Bookworms and really will miss it. The end of an era…..thanks.

Nichola, Isla and Sam

Thank you Gill, we have both loved Jolly Bookworms and the group is the best pre-school reading group we have come across so thank you for that!”

Nicola and Harriet

Thank You for such lovely classes-they are so relaxed and fun and varied – I don’t know how you come up with all the ideas!

Nikki and Lani

We have loved it!! Thanks a million x

Ruth and Ariana

Thank you so much for the sessions, we have all thoroughly enjoyed them!

Gail and Louis

We really enjoy your sessions and Theo can’t wait to see you again.

Vera and Theo

The “sound of the week” is a great way to introduce children to phonics and Emma loved choosing which objects to take for the sound table each week.

Kate and Emma

Patrick and I have loved the jolly book worms experience and I’m so pleased we will get to squeeze in a couple of extra sessions before school starts properly.

Helen and Patrick

I could not recommend this class more, it is certainly the best priced class around and will be sad to not go back in September when my little girl starts school! Well done Gill for a well thought out, fun, entertaining and engaging class.

Violaine and Ameline