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Primary Tuition

If you are looking for help and support with primary education in St. Albans, you have come to the right place!

Jolly Bookworms offers private tuition in phonics, reading, writing and mathematics. Whatever the issue, we can help. Select Contact Us from the menu and send us a message to get the ball rolling …

Picture Book Club

Here at Jolly Bookworms we’re bursting with ideas that will make every picture book you share with your child the start of a whole new adventure. Select Contact Us from the menu and we will send you details of everything you need to know about the best book club in town.

“Thank you for all the lovely Jolly Bookworm sessions. Your classes have undoubtedly been a positive influence in supporting both Ishara and Roshi to become early readers and develop a love of books.”

“Eloisa has absolutely loved coming to phonics and her understanding has developed so much giving her a great start to school in September.”

“Thank you very much for all of your hard work and patience over the last year, we have thoroughly enjoyed the classes and will miss them a lot.”

“We’ve really enjoyed your classes over the last four plus years and the kids have had a great grounding in phonics, as have I! Thank you so much and we really will miss our Jolly Bookworms classes.”