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Jolly Bookworms has been a major part of Asha’s – and thus my and Mia’s – life for the past 18 months. She has loved the structure, the stories, the sounds of the week and the activities. In fact it has engaged all members of our family every Friday morning! I believe it has supported Asha’s phonic learning and also her social and learning skills and built her enthusiasm for books and reading. We will all miss it. Thank you for providing such a special part of our week – and providing the delicious cake to make it even more fun!

Steph and Asha

We are so pleased with how much Ed has progressed both in his confidence and also his listening skills! We love your classes.

Natalie and Edward

Thanks again, such a wonderful class and honestly Laila just loved it.

Lena and Laila

Eloisa has absolutely loved coming to phonics and her understanding has developed so much giving her a great start to school in September.

Becca and Eloisa

He has really loved your classes and I think they have been brilliant for preparing him for school. I’ll recommend you to any Mums that I know!

Rachelle and Ben

I think she’s really enjoyed bookworms- almost as much as me! It has given her a great base of phonic knowledge. I wish I’d come with my son too. I’ll be sure to continue to recommend to others.

Susy and Esther

Thanks for lots of happy memories of times at Jolly Bookworms. We will miss the class and you!

Anna and Roo and Charlie

All good things must come to an end! Thank you for teaching Emily and Alice their first steps in reading. We’ve really enjoyed your classes.

Rachel and Alice and Emily

We love your Jolly Bookworms classes so much. Thank you.

Sajida and Nadia and Norah

Thank you for a great group, Blake has thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and has learnt so much

Imogen and Blake

I’m sad we will no longer be able to come to the class as she/ we all absolutely loved it. It has really helped nurture her love of learning and helped her grasp letters and sounds. I will most definitely be back once Toby is old enough.

Sarah and Isabelle

Thank you for helping me learn my phonics. I’m going to miss your yummy cakes.


In setting up Jolly Bookworms you did something brilliant and we are all grateful to you – you created a class which we could all enjoy.

Gemma and Eva and Chloe

Thank you very much for all of your hard work and patience over the last year, we have thoroughly enjoyed the classes and will miss them a lot.

Becky and Isabelle

Jolly Bookworms has been the best club I have done with my girls. You are so good with the children and made me feel very welcome when Ellie was a handful of a baby! I really will miss it and you (and the cake!).

Katherine and Rosie and Ellie

I could not recommend this class more, it is certainly the best priced class around and will be sad to not go back in September when my little girl starts school! Well done Gill for a well thought out, fun, entertaining and engaging class.

Violaine and Ameline

I am sad to say goodbye. You and Jolly Bookworms have been an invaluable part of our lives for the past two years. I really admire and thank you for everything you do to bring fun and educational groups to our children. It is something different to any other group and you made me feel so relaxed and welcome, even with my terrible 2!

Caroline, Toby and Jamie

You were the first person/class that welcomed us when we moved to St Albans and we will always remember you for that!!! We love Jolly Bookworms and will be very sad to leave it behind.

Ruth and Gracie

Jolly Bookworms is most definitely the most enjoyable class to attend. You put so much into making the session work – especially the baking! – and it is very different from other classes; believe me, I’ve looked!

James and Freya

Thank you again for being such a fantastic and fun teacher. I always felt like you understood us and never felt uncomfortable even if either of my boys were playing up – haven’t found any other class like that.

Amee and Rishaan

…just wanted to say another massive thank you for everything you’ve done for Eleanor over the last six or so months. As you can tell she’s very confident in her language and I feel that by attending every Friday, she now has a very good understanding of early phonics and even uses the fridge alphabet magnets to spell out words using her phonic train arms.

Lee and Eleanor

A huge thank you from George, Emily and me for your wonderful class, we have enjoyed the last four years and are really sad that we are at the end of our phonics journey!

Caroline, George and Emily

Thank you for all the lovely Jolly Bookworm sessions. Your classes have undoubtedly been a positive influence in supporting both Ishara and Roshi to become early readers and develop a love of books.

Sirinie, Ishara and Roshan

I have taken both of my children to Jolly bookworms. My eldest found most toddler groups overwhelming but instantly loved the calm rhythm of Gill’s classes. My youngest, who is far less shy (!!), loves them just as much. They are great as an early introduction to phonics. They are a fantastic way to help little ones feel confident at sharing something from home in a group. There are lovely craft activities and good cake. It’s a really lovely gentle group which is perfectly pitched for preschoolers. I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

Kiri, Henry and Ru

Took the kids to a brilliant class this afternoon…  Jolly Bookworms based in St Albans. Rare for me to really enthuse over a baby/toddler class, but this was great. All phonics based and both Liberty and Jasper really engaged with the session. They offer free trial sessions so worth a try.

Georgina, Liberty and Jasper

We’ve really enjoyed your classes over the last four plus years and the kids have had a great grounding in phonics, as have I! Thank you so much and we really will miss our Jolly Bookworms classes

Rachel and Theo

We’ve both really enjoyed our year at Jolly Bookworms and learnt a lot about phonics along the way. It was a lovely surprise to find your unique and gentle class which is a welcome contrast to the noisy, branded franchises and of course, has such wonderful cake!

Clare and Lily