The Gingerbread Man

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This week our story is “The Gingerbread Man”, a traditional tale, but first, let’s have a look at the ‘sound of the week’.

Sound of the Week

  • Sound of the week is /w/ as in whale, windmill and watering can.
  • Our super sound saying is “wibbly wobbly wiggly worm” – emphasise the /w/ sound and try to think up actions to go with the words. Or use mine – wobble your whole body while you say “wibbly wobbly” and then wiggle your fingers for “wiggly worm”.
  • How many things can you find in your house with the /w/ sound? I found a magic wand, a witch’s hat, a bottle of water, a walnut, a whistle and a Wellington boot. Can you score more points than me?
  • Here’s the worksheet for /w/ for you to print out:

The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man is a traditional story – that means it’s so old, nobody knows who first told the story and it has been told so many times that there are lots and lots of different versions.

Listen to the video by clicking here:

and then see if you can remember:

  • What do you need to make gingerbread?
  • Who opened the oven door?
  • What did the Gingerbread Man sing as he ran along?
  • Who helped the Gingerbread Man cross the river?
  • What happened to the Gingerbread Man at the end of the story?

Listen to the video again if you’re not sure about any of the answers.


Here’s a picture of a gingerbread boy and a gingerbread girl to print out and colour in:

Craft Activity

We’re going to make a fox from a paper plate!

If you don’t have a paper plate any circle of card, or even paper will do.

  • Cut straight across the top of the plate, removing the top quarter.
  • Now fold the two sides of the plate towards each other so that at the very bottom, they meet in the middle.
  • Unfold the sides again and colour the triangle that is revealed a nice foxy colour (if you’re feeling brave, you could use paint).
  • Colour the top of the plate that you snipped off the same foxy colour.
  • Now fold the sides back in, and this time glue them in place.
  • Chop the top of the plate (that you snipped off) in half and stick a piece of it on either side of the coloured plate to make the fox’s ears.
  • You can use googly eyes for your fox if you have them but two circles of black paper are just as good, or just draw them on.
  • You can use a black pompom for your fox’s nose or just colour it in.


This game is a variation of a game that I used to play when I was little called Beetle. You need a piece of paper, a pencil and a die – and as many players as you can persuade to join in. The game is to take it in turns to roll the die. According to the number you roll, you can draw:

6 – a body
5 –  a head
4 – arms and legs
3 – a mouth
2 – eyes
1 –buttons

The first person to draw a whole gingerbread man is the winner.

You can adapt this game:

  • to draw all sorts of things other than gingerbread men – beetles, for example.
  • if you want to make it last longer you can change the rules so that you need, for example a 4 for each arm and each leg, a 2 for each eye and a 1 for each button and your gingerbread man must have three to win.
  • rather than miss a go if you throw a number for the second time, keep adding heads, or legs, or eyes – you will end up with some very funny looking gingerbread men!


Last, but by no means least at Jolly Bookworms, here is the recipe for the Jolly Bookworms banana loaf. Why not give it a go?

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